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Your Own URL Shortener

Get a URL Shortener with your own domain.
  • Use any domain that you want.
  • Built in Analytics for tracking within a web analytics tool such as Google Analytics, WebTrend, Omniture or even your in-house tools.
  • Quick setup
  • Low monthly pricing.

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  • Create SEO friendly Short URLs for Twitter and Other Social Media Sites
  • Built in functionality to Track click-throughs in Google Analytics, Omniture, WebTrends etc.
  • If you use the link on Twitter, you get Re-Tweeted by us (no adult sites)
  • Create an Account and view the Clicks, Referrals, Geo Locations and Twitter mentions
  • Real Time Reporting - No Delay
  • No SPAM Policy: Any URLs created at that are used to spam the users will be immediately removed.
  • No Adult Content Policy: Any URLs that contain links to adult content will be immediately blocked.
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